About Us

Everly Essentials is driven by the support of many but at its foundation are Debbie and Estee.

A little about Debbie:

My Mom said my first word was Ho Ho for a toy horse I had. That was the beginning of a LOVE story with Horses. In 1963 I got my first horse, who enhanced all my childhood with good memories. From there it was to become a Breeder of , exclusive straight Egyptian Arabians. For over 45 years and our 5th generation, I helped over 500 foals birth on to planet Earth. They taught me a lot, which I call being in the trenches of animal care.

We bred some of the finest horses, exporting to Australia, Kuwait, UK, Saudi Arabia, and The Royal Family of Jordan. We imported a stallion from the UK *HS HERO (Simeon Sadik x Helwa Lancer) from Halsdon Arabians (Shirley and Charlie Watts). I met Emil in 1982, he is my copartner (peas and carrots) who has helped support our journey together. We began our business adventures of Discount Feeds Inc (Temecula Ca), huge 18,000 square feet feed and tack store. We started Evergreen Equine Products with special formulas to HELP horses and dogs/cats.

We have two wonderful children Estee and Douglas who both became super achievers in this world.

It was our history that helped me to become an independent researcher about Health and Nutrition. We discovered the incredible benefits of Enzymes and Minerals! Around 2005 we were pioneers for horse systemic enzymes EverZyme EQ and EverGest EQ digestive enzymes. This led us to the human enzymes and the miracles they can achieve.

In 2019 another miracle happened with the birth of EVERLY our first granddaughter! This website is named for her as she has been an absolute divine miracle!

I say all is divine design with GOD.

Our Inspiraton - Miss Everly!

Miss Everly

A little about Estee:

At age 13, I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome). In my 20’s I was told by my doctor that getting pregnant may be a challenge. At 38, I became pregnant with no added hormones, shots, or anything from the doctor – all natural!

I started taking EverZYME about 5 years ago because my Mom told me to take them, but I never truly understood the benefits. I took them all throughout my pregnancy, until about a month before she was due. Being a new mom and busier than ever, I did not get back on EverZYME. About 3 months after having my daughter, Everly Marie, I woke up one morning and could barely walk, let alone pick her up. My Mom said you “need to get back on the enzymes”. I got back on EverZYME; and told her that if it takes the pain away and I can walk, “I will make it my mission to help others”. So here I am! In the next year to follow, my family and I have worked diligently getting these products formulated to our gold standard of health. Over the last year we have tested different formulas on our family and friends. I have had digestive problems when I would eat tomato sauce, spicy foods, and sugar. Now that I take our probiotic and digestive enzyme, all that has gone away when I eat these foods.

Prior to deciding to join the family business, I had been in the senior living industry for 12 years as an Executive Director. It was a hard decision to leave what I knew and loved, but the most important thing to me was being home with my daughter and helping to educate people on health. Over 12 years in senior living, I maybe saw a handful of seniors that ONLY took natural supplements and not 20 different prescribed medications. My parents are a true example of this. They are almost 70, take no prescription medications, ONLY natural supplements. Think about it – 100 years ago we didn’t have all these over the counter prescription medications: we had what came naturally from the Earth! I believe a huge part of my healthy and easy pregnancy/labor was because of EverZYME!