Systemic Enzymes

What’s in YOUR BLOOD?

Systemic enzymes are key to a healthy lifestyle. Processed food, exposure to environmental debris and occasional illness can cause the body to use up these enzymes, forcing it to work harder. Many people reach for NSAIDS to address immediate relief, but they come with serious side effects. An all-natural proteolytic systemic enzyme such as serrapeptase, nattokinase, bromelain, and papain supports the body’s immune system.

The primary function of systemic enzymes is to fight inflammation (pain), fibrin (scar tissue), and viruses, which modulate the immune system, and cleanse the blood. Systemic enzymes can help reduce inflammation, speed healing of bruises and other tissue injuries (including fractures) and reduce overall recovery time from injuries.  Enzymes significantly reduce swelling, bruising and stiffness, and help with joint stiffness and soreness. They are the “pac-man” of cleansing the blood of fibrin build up. 

As we age, our bodies gradually become unable to meet the daily demand of producing enzymes. When this occurs, it is imperative for us to begin to supplement our body with the necessary enzymes to prevent havoc within. With the use of proteolytic systemic enzymes, they can increase the support of many conditions including:
  • cardiovascular and respiratory health*
  • the breakdown of excess fibrin*
  • promote faster recovery *
  • immune system regulation*
  • healthy blood sugar levels*
EverZYME and EverACTIVE are both enteric coated, allowing the powder to pass through the stomach and dissolve in the small intestine where the enzymes are released and absorbed in the bloodstream.
The combination of EverZYME and EverACTIVE synergize each other to help meet most of your pain and inflammation health problems.

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