PRE & PRO Biotic

How Healthy Is your Gut and Microbiome?
Do you know what is in your gut?

Prebiotics are “Fertilizer” to feed the Probiotics and promoting good bacteria. Probiotics are the good, live bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of organisms (microflora) in the intestines needed for digestive health, immune system support, hormone balance and overall wellness.

The Health Benefits of Pre & Probiotics:
•  Boosts Immune System*
•  Improves Digestion*
•  Balances Good Bacteria*
•  May Improve Mental Health*
•  Keeps Your Heart Healthy*
•  Fights Allergies and Eczema*

The gut microbiome: 95% of your body’s microbes live in your gut and 70% of your immune cells originate in the gut.

Living in today’s toxic and inflammatory world results in some amount of intestinal imbalance (dysbiosis/leaky gut) which may benefit from consumption of probiotic supplementation, even if your symptoms are not present. 

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EverGUT-90 Capsules

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